Will an asteroid hit earth in 2029? This one could.

By Paul McBurney Jr

An asteroid that could hit earth with earth in the background.

Picture of a large asteroid that could hit earth. Labeled For Reuse. ↓

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Will an asteroid hit earth soon?

Could this large asteroid hit earth in 2029?

Yes! According to NASA, this massive meteor has a chance of impacting earth. Hence, its collision could cause disastrous damages.

Asteroid 99942 Apophis could hit earth in 2029, but its more likely that a near miss will happen. Scientists estimate that there is a 1 in 40 that this large asteroid will impact earth. Apophis is about the size of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If it does hit earth, we can only imagine the catastrophic damages that it could cause.

However, just because Apophis will likely experience a near miss doesn't that we are safe. In 2036, the massive asteroid will have a much higher chance of impact when it completes its next nerveracking orbit near earth.

Now the question that many of us are asking is "what would happen if this asteroid hit earth?"

We can use this asteroid simulation to find out!

Photo from an Asteroid Impact Simulator that simulates an asteroid hitting earth.

Free & Easy To Use Asteroid Impact Simulator called Asteroid Collision Map

According to the results of the linked interactive asteroid collision map, Apophis would cause disastrous damages if it landed in San Francisco.

Some of these effects can include shockwaves, burnt skin, destroyed infrastructure, thousands of casualties, and more. Fortunatley, it is extremely unlikely for asteroids like Apophis to impact in densely populated areas as most of the world is rural.

However, it is important to note that a relatively small asteroid like Apophis is not able to cause worldwide extinction. But could cause pretty serious damages for those in the vicinity.

Scientists currently predict that extinction causing asteroids hit earth every sixty million years. At the moment we are currently five years over-due.

Want to simulate asteroid collisions yourself? Check out this interactive map!

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