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Use the simulations below to empower and educate yourself about natural occurrences around the world. Some of the topics we simulate are astrononmy, asterodis, natural disasters and more! Be sure to check out the blog too! ↓

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Asteroid Collision Simulator Map:

Asteroid Collision Simulator

Asteroid Simulation where you can view the damages that a devestating asteroid collision would cause.

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

Asteroid Collision Location Map:

Asteroid Collision Location Map

Asteroid Collision Location Map - Locate the Locations of all major known asteroid collisions

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

Spend Jeff Bezos Riches (External)

Asteroid Collision Location Map

Spend Jeff Bezos Riches - This website shows how rich Bezos truly is by letting you decide what to do with his money!

Last Edit: 5/6/2020

Coronavirus Case Location Map:

Coronavirus Case Location Map

Coronavirus Case Location Map - Locations of all known cases of Coronavirus on an interactive map..

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

New Article: This asteroid has a 96% chance of hitting earth in 2027.

Check out our new article called: Which asteroid will hit earth? This one has a 96% chance of hitting.

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Summary: In 2027, asteroid 2017 PDC will accelerate near earth with a whopping 96% chance of collision. Learn about the devastating effects it could cause by reading more.

Earthquake Location Map:

Earthquake Location Map

Earthquake Location Map - Locate the Locations of all major known earthquakes. Magnitudes and depth are also included.

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

Featured Blog:

Check out our new article called: Near Earth Asteroids List

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Summary: This near earth asteroids list showcases 7 asteroids that could hit earth in the coming decade. You'll be shocked to know that one of them has a 96% chance of impact.

Nuke Detonation Map:

Nuke Location Map

Nuke Detonation Location Map - Locate the detonation location of all major known nuke detonatinos. Yield, country and date are also included when hovering over the detonation location..

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

Interactive Volcano Location Map:

Volcano Eruption Map

Volcano Location Map - Locate the volcano locations of all major known volcano eruptions. The interactive map includes casualties, location and date when hovering over markers on the map.

Last Edit: 3/6/2020

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