Q&A Questions

1. How was it made!

Asteroid Collision Simulator Map was created utilizing the tools of the Python Programming Language to make calculations and make several aspects of the website work. The is a fundamental backbone of this website and was extremely beneficial to the development of the website. The developer(s) of this website have had a great time working on this project and we hope to see more projects and simulations coming soon. Have a great day.

2. Will more updates be made?

Updates will release as long as the developer(s) of the project/website are willing and have passion to do so.

2. How accurate is the tool?

The simulation is a bit off and does may not 100% accurately portray the after effects and damage of a collision. The development team has tried its best in accurately simulating a asteroid collision and its damages but users will have to realize that information will not all be 100% correct. However, we believe that the simulation is a great and fun way to study the effects of a catostrophic space rock collision with earth.

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